About us


We are team of creative people from field of literature, music and film. We are mainly focusing on animated filmmaking. We are still looking for skilled people to team. Everyone who has a passion to learn self and create and prove us its knowledge or skill is welcome.  


We will be like if you are support us!

We are using open source software



Members of team:


Franta (40 years) - promoter of team, team organizator, rigger, animator, modeler. Proffesional game developer (animation team) Mafia2, Topspin4, Axel&Pixel. Now boss of own shop :-)


Katka (32 years) - artist, ilustrator of kid books, teacher, active member of historical group. Archer ;-)


Radim (35 years) - artist and designer, 2D a 3D graphic designer, CG teacher. Television maniac :-).


Vojta (22 years) - talented 3D graphic designer. Most of our models and textures creator, webmaster. Offroader :-). His personal webpage http://fearful.ic.cz/


Mirek (39 years) - 3D graphic designer, theater (amateur) actor and screenwriter. Professional mailman.